Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Various And Sundry

Some various and sundry things going on out there.  Considering that today's forecast in Maryland is sunny and mid-90's, trying to dry something in the sun would have a pretty good chance of success.

In Germany, a man steals a policewoman's gun and shoots her.

Lefties gonna keep going left.

In India, a man is arrested for using the Koran to print bank checks.

A fake imam is arrested for assault.

The Helsinki airport to go solar.

President Trump is not surprised by the latest court ruling.

And that was just one of Trump's morning Tweets.

Trump's Tweets might get archived under (Are you ready for this?) the COVFEFE act.

What did Trump tell Janet Yellen?

North Korea releases an American student....

....and will shortly welcome another American for his fifth visit.

Feminists, anyone?  Where are the feminists?

In another non-surprise, Iran blames the U.S. for ISIS.

In Australia, theater-goers hear "Allahu akbar!", but no one is killed, stabbed or injured.

Fewer Irish women are traveling to Great Britain to get abortions.

Znowu, Polska m├│wi "nie".  (Again, Poland says "no".)

The E.U. sues three countries for not taking refugees.

Here's America's newest submarine.

Young British voters want tuition fees scrapped.

And to finish, Verizon acquires Yahoo.

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