Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Rabbit Hash, Kentucky

Rabbit Hash is a very small unincorporated community, located on the south bank of the Ohio River, southwest of the Cincinnati metropolitan area.  I had previously noticed that the place seems to have a penchant for electing dogs to the office of mayor.  Apparently, the town's name does indeed refer to an item of food made with rabbit meat.  (Elmer Fudd would be proud - and maybe a bit jealous, too.)  I don't know what this building is called, but it might include restaurant facilities, as implied by the name The Scalded Hog on the contraption to the right.

Two local dogs were hanging around, but neither one is the current mayor.

Across the street from the building shown above were two old gas pumps, in front of an antique shop, which was in front of the Hashienda.

On one side of the building shown above is a stage.  You can see the Ohio River and a bit of Indiana in the background.

Across the Ohio were this steamboat and the town of Rising Sun, Indiana.

This building, as you can tell, is the General Store, which reopened this year after being gutted by fire.

This old cabin houses a museum, but it wasn't open.

It might be a very small place, but Rabbit Hash has its own historical society.  In my opinion, if you're ever in northern Kentucky or the Cincinnati area, Rabbit Hash is a nice place in which to stop and relax, if you don't mind driving on some hilly and winding roads to get there.

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