Saturday, June 3, 2017

Saturday Links

Here are some things going on out there, during the first weekend of June:

From the Express, she misspoke.  (No, this is not about Hillary Clinton.)

From The Guardian, Bill Maher did more than misspeak.

From The Blaze, did Utah's new DUI legislation go too far?

From the Daily News, Kathy Griffin gets a new defender.

From Sky News, explosions go off at a funeral in Kabul.  (via Fox News)

From Military(dot)com, a Naval officer gets a six-year sentence for leaking military secrets.  (via The Daily Caller).

From American Thinker, despite their country's economic turmoil, Venezuela's elite are doing well.

From the Twitter feed of Jack Posobiec, CNN gets some harsh criticism.  (From where would the critic get such an idea?)

From Townhall, some negative reaction to President Trump's pullout from Paris.

From The New York Times, the Manchester suicide bomber allegedly met with ISIS in Libya.

From Breitbart London, police have made their 17th arrest in connection with the Manchester bombing.  (This fact might become useful the next time someone uses the term "lone wolf" to describe a terrorist.)

From Twitchy, some scenes from the #MarchForTruth.

From Bizpac Review, former Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Cal), like many politicians on both sides of the aisle, uses the Bible when it suits her.

From Fox News, Defense Secretary Mattis calls North Korea a "clear and present danger".

From PopZette, 10 surprising things about Marilyn Monroe.

From Yahoo News, Toyota cuts their ties with Tesla.

From The Daily Caller, meet the "Ottoman snowflake".

From CampusReform, students at the University of Maryland want stricter "hate speech" rules.

In National Review, Jonah Goldberg discusses the "lifestylization" of politics.

And from FoxSanAntonio, flag thieves wear fur.

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