Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sunday Links

Here are some things going on, as the last Sunday in November rolls around:

From WGN, while walking on a path in Compton, California, two women find a live newborn baby.

From Bizpac Review, the agenda to "erase America".

From Sputnik International, Turkey arrests two generals and a colonel for intercepting trucks bound for Syria.

From NBC News, as the COP21 climate summit approaches, protesters in Paris clash with police.  Protest in other world cities, on the other hand, have been mostly peaceful.

From Fox News, a Planned Parenthood official claims that the Colorado Springs shooter opposed abortion.

From The Washington Times, Planned Parenthood officials apparently blame "hateful speech" for the Colorado Springs shootings.

From American Thinker, Hungary (with some help from Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic) shows how to secure a border.

From TechSideline, in football, Virginia Tech makes it 12 in a row over Virginia.
FOLLOW-UP: From The Roanoke Times, VT announces their next football coach.

From The Indian Express, an Sunni Islamic leader in India calls gender equality "against Islam".  (via The Express Tribune)

From the Sunday Express, in a small Swedish village, tensions between residents and refugees become violent.

From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, an immigrant from Morocco who drives a taxi is shot after he drops off his passenger.

From Arutz Sheva, a Muslim preacher accuses Europeans of "plundering" Muslim lands.

From The Clarion Project, Kenya arrests two Iranian spies allegedly planning a terror attack.

From Real Clear Politics, Senators McLame (R-AZ) and Grahamnesty (R-SC) say that Arab countries would contribute to fighting ISIS "if you put Assad on the table".

From CBS Sports, the Chiefs-Bills game is hindered by weird weather and a broken bus.

And from the New York Post, your royal dose of cuteness.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Details Emerge About The Colorado Springs Shooter

Some information has come out about the man who killed three people and injured several others in or near a Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado Springs.  He has been identified as Robert Lewis Dear Jr., a resident of Hartsell, Colorado.  He has previously lived in South Carolina and North Carolina, with arrest records in both states.  While being questioned by police, he reportedly said "no more baby parts" in reference to Planned Parenthood.  He was not known to a pro-life group that has been meeting for Mass twice a week near the facility.  On his Park County, CO voter registration, Dear is listed as "unaffiliated" and "female".

The policeman killed in the attack was Garrett Swasey.  The victims do not include any employees or patients of the PP facility.

For more detailed info, go to AOL, Breitbart's Big Government and the Gateway Pundit.

ISIS Gets Quacked

No, not hacked, quacked.  For reasons known perhaps only to the pranksters themselves, various Internet users have photoshopped toy duck heads onto pictures of ISIS fighters.  As far as I can tell, famous ducks such as Donald, Daffy, Howard and the AFLAC spokesduck have yet to give their opinions on this matter.

Read the story at The Telegraph and the Daily Mail.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Active Shooter In Colorado Springs

In Colorado Springs, a gunman has shot and injured three police officers and is still reportedly active, although "contained".  The shooter is either near or in a Planned Parenthood facility, from which police received a 911 call.  Any connection between the shooter and PP is not yet known.  The shopping center in which the PP facility is located has been placed under lockdown.

Read more at The Gazette, KRDO, The Denver Post, USA Today and CNN.

UPDATE:  The gunman has surrendered and has been taken into custody.  At least 4 policemen and 5 civilians have been injured.

UPDATE 2:  One police officer and two civilians have been killed.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Turkey Shoots Down Russian Warplane

Earlier today, a Russian Sukhoi Su-24 was shot down by shot down by Turkish F-16s as it allegedly flew through Turkish airspace.  After its two pilots bailed out, the plane crashed in Syria.  The pilots are now believed to be dead or captured by Syrian rebels.  Russian officials have claimed that the jet was flying entirely over Syrian territory, while Turkish officials claim that the pilots were warned before being targeted.

Read more at YNetNews, BBC News, Gulf News, Reuters and the Daily Mail.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Deja Vu And Other Stories

This first item might appear to be satirical, but instead it's what the recently-departed Yogi Berra would have called "deja vu all over again".  The rise of Hitler and Mussolini was caused in part by (you guessed it) global warming.  Read more at Real Science and Climate Depot.

In today's news and opinion:

In American Thinker, Lloyd Marcus warns about playing nice with evil.  (Marcus is a talented singer.  I once talked to him at a Tea Party rally in 2010 in Harrisburg, PA.)

From Fox News, four types of food that will aggravate your cold or flu.

From the New York Daily News, in a bureaucratic snafu, 150 passengers on a flight from Mexico were allowed to leave JFK Airport without going through customs.  (If you ask me, this would be analogous to what we let border-jumpers get away with, so in a sense, airport security was just being consistent with that sort of thing.)

From Bloomberg Politics, in a recent poll, Hillary Clinton (D) beats Donald Trump (R) as to who would be more trusted in handling terrorism.  (I would probably agree that Hillary would be better, or more precisely, less bad in handling terrorism simply because unlike the Don, she has some actual government experience.)

From The Washington Free Beacon, and speaking of the Clintons, their foundation's Colombia-based equity fund is unregistered in that country.

From Real Clear Politics, Hillary's successor as Secretary of States says "ISIS is not ten feet tall."

From National Review, the left's denial of "some obvious facts of life".

From Frontpage Mag, more denial, this time from multiculturalists.

From the Epoch Times, the chief of the D.C. police has a message for citizens.

From CBS News, and back to global warming, the Antarctic ice sheet is growing even in an allegedly warming world.

From Prophesy Watch, Christian refugees are being are being "left out in the cold".

From The Washington Times, the Kenyan president has declared corruption to be a national security threat.  (No, you birthers, I'm not talking about Obama, and he's only half Kenyan.)

From Canada Free Press, did the UN's COP21 send a message to ISIS?

From the Washington Examiner, while bombing ISIS fuel trucks, American forces ran out of ammo.

From TechCrunch, Google launches Android Studio 2.0.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Brussels Continues To Be On Lockdown

For the second day, Brussels, Belgium has been on lockdown as police search for terror suspects.  So far, six suspects have been arrested.  Police have placed heavy guard around the Radisson Blu hotel, whose counterpart in Bamako, Mali was attacked by terrorists several days ago.  The state of emergency will continue into Monday, with schools being closed.  Read about these developments at The Guardian, The Telegraph, Al Jazeera, the Independent and the Metro.

UPDATE:  From Yahoo News, make that 16 suspects arrested.

UDPATE 2:  From AOL, five more have been arrested, make that 21 in all.

Fort Necessity And Braddock's Grave

Fort Necessity National Battlefield is a historical park in southwestern Pennsylvania, most of its units being located along U.S. Highway 40.  The main unit includes a visitors center and the reconstructed namesake fort.  The original fort was built in 1754 under the command of a young British officer named George Washington, and destroyed by French troops after they and their Indian allies defeated the British in the Battle of Great Meadows and then allowed them to retreat.  This and other skirmishes would turn out to be merely the prelude to the French and Indian War, in which the British were victorious.

The reconstructed fort is a short walk from the visitors center.  On the hill behind the fort is Mount Washington Tavern, another unit of the park, which may be reached either by trails from the fort or by driving westward on U.S. 40 from the visitors center.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Syrians With Fake Greek Passports Arrested In Sint Maarten

Earlier this week, three Syrians carrying fake Greek passports were arrested at the Princess Juliana International Airport on the Caribbean island of Sint Maarten, which is part Dutch and part French.  They had arrived on an Air Insel flight from Haiti.  Since another group of Syrians with fake Greek passports were recently arrested in Honduras, I wonder if something might be going on here.  Or would such suspicions be (gasp!) islamophobic?

Read more at the CuraƧao Chronicle (which had it first), Yahoo News and the Daily Mail.

The above-mentioned airport is noted for the western end of its runway being close to a beach, where quite a few idiots people have subjected themselves to jet exhaust.  In the interests of full disclosure, I visited Sint Maarten and several of its beaches over 20 years ago, but not the one near the airport.

Friday, November 20, 2015

ISIS Booby-Traps Dolls

Here is yet another example of how disgustingly sick ISIS is.  Iraqi security forces have discovered and destroyed bombs hidden inside dolls, assembled by ISIS to target pilgrims, in this case very young pilgrims, on the way to Karbala to celebrate the Shiite festival of Arbaeen.

Read more at the Daily Mail and the International Business Times.