Monday, June 26, 2017

SCOTUS Rulings And Other Monday Links

As the first Monday of summer is now upon us, here are some other things that have recently been upon us:

From NBC News, the Supreme Court, in a 9-0 decision, will allow parts of President Trump's travel pause to take effect, but won't actually decide on its merits until this fall.

From LifeNews, SCOTUS rules that government programs can't exclude Christian organizations just for being Christian organizations.

From Philly(dot)com and the "Are you serious?" department, former Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Cal) says that her party has momentum.

From Breitbart London, in Sweden, children cannot talk about the Bible or even say "amen", in Christian schools.  (Will children in Islamic schools be likewise forbidden from saying "Allahu akbar" or discussing the Koran?  I won't hold my breath.)

From The Guardian, a Swedish man held by Islamic fighters in Mali has been set free after almost six years.

From the Express, ISIS terrorists in Yemen vandalize the graves of British war heroes.

From Morocco World News, ISIS uses the Koran to justify slavery.

From AhlulBayt News Agency, the Hashd al-Shaabi attack ISIS across the Syria-Iraq border.

From YNetNews, five Muslim artists have asked to have their works removed from an Israeli exhibition.

From the Daily Mail, Australia will deport a Muslim immigrant for kidnapping a girl and forcing her to marry him.

From The American Spectator, it's the new Persian Empire.  (If my understanding of ancient history is correct, there have already been two Persian Empires.  The first conquered Babylon, let the captive Jews go back home, and eventually fell to Alexander the Great.  The second, known as the Sassanid Empire, fought against the Romans and Byzantines, and was later conquered by the Islamic Caliphate.)

From FrontpageMag, the left's hierarchy of victim categories gets tested by a murder in Fairfax County, Virginia.

From National Review, the repeal of Obamacare won't cause mass dying.  (NR also has stories related to the two SCOTUS decisions above, so go ahead and browse around the site.)

From Townhall, some advice for Democrats in 2018.

From Haaretz, a Jewish lesbian asks why she and her Israeli pride flag were excluded from Chicago's Dyke March.  (via The Tower, who report that the ADL wants an apology from the march's organizers)

From ESPN, is John McEnroe sexist, or just realistic?

From Radio Poland, Poland has taken in 1.4 million migrants - from Ukraine.

From Sputnik International, a Ukrainian family seeking asylum in Germany poses as Syrians.   (It seems that they should have tried Poland, instead.  They wouldn't have needed to pose as anything other than what they really are.)

From The Washington Free Beacon, the anti-Trump leak campaign is hurting more than just the president.

From the Independent, the next recession could be caused by countries such as China.

And from HokieSports, former Virginia Tech quarterback Bryan Randall has been inducted into the Virginia High School League Hall of Fame.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Jug Bridge Marker

The Jug Bridge Marker currently sits just of Maryland Route 144, near its interchange with Interstate 70, but this is not its original location.  It once sat at one end of a bridge over the Monocacy River in Frederick, MD.  Because the monument resembles a demijohn, a type of whiskey jug popular in the 19th century, the bridge became known as the "Jug Bridge".  (It reminds me a bit of Buddhist stupas.)  There has even been a rumor that a real jug of whiskey is embedded somewhere within the monument.  In 1942, the bridge collapsed, and the monument was moved to where it is now.  From the parking lot, it's a short walk to the marker.  The marker, the rock in front of it and the plaque to right will be shown in greater below the fold.

Friday, June 23, 2017

A Sasquatch's Various And Sundry Dozen

Just combining two of my links post titles.  Here are twelve various things in the sundry (or sun-dried) news:

To the chagrin of fishermen, monsters invade the Pacific coast.

Please tell us, lefties, would this be considered "hate speech"?

BlackLiesMatter gets chided by a guy who can't even perceive blackness.

Ladies on the right, one of you is telling you to speak up.

Schoolchildren will no longer be taught evolution.  Darn those fundamentalist Christians!  Oh, wait.

In Kashmir, a cop gets stoned.

The Arab world's political problem is really religious.

Those robocalls are gonna cost ya, pilgrim.

In the first round, the NBA drafts ten players from the ACC.

President Trump signs the VA reform bill.  (intermediate source)

A year after Brexit, other countries might follow their example.

And to finish, a country up to its nose in migrants is urged to take in more.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Thursday Links

Some stuff going on out there:

From Breitbart London, immigration has boosted the United Kingdom's population numbers.

From ABC News, the Donald claims that he did not tape conversions with FBI Director James Comey.

From the Express, the other Donald thinks that Brexit can be reversed.

From WRCB TV, the Tunisian-Canadian man who brought an "Allahu akbar" to the Flint, Michigan airport is thought to be a lone wolf.  (via Legal Insurrection)

From CNS News, Representative Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) wants Nancy Pelosi (D-Cal) to step down as their party's leader in the House; and in Washington, DC, you can get a gender-neutral driver's license.

From Twitchy, the New York office of BuzzFeed literally gets bugged.

From The Star, immigrant drug gang fights plague Spital, England.

From The Daily Caller, an MSNBC host makes three errors in a nine-word sentence.

From PopZette, some fat guy from Michigan criticizes the Democrats for losing Georgia-6.

From Philly(dot)com, three college campuses near Philadelphia are among 20 finalists for the most beautiful in America.

From Deutsche Welle, ISIS targets children to punish their parents.

From the Daily Mail, an Islamic preachers says that Allah is displeased by crying when someone dies.

From Greek Reporter, the Greek government objects to a Koran reading and Islamic prayer held in the Hagia Sophia, which is now a museum, but was a mosque, and before that, a church.

From The Indian Express, if you want to root for Pakistan's sports teams, go live there.  (I could say the same thing about people who root for Mexican soccer teams playing in the United States.)

From FrontpageMag, one writer predicts that Germany will be Islamic in 20 years.

From National Review, political violence done by groups "is hard to pull off".

From TownHall, a bill in North Carolina to protect free speech is opposed by a Charlotte newspaper.

From Breitbart's National Security, Canuck sniper 1, ISIS terrorist 0.

From The Jerusalem Post, former U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair recommends a different approach to peacemaking in the Middle East.  (via The Tower)

From The Federalist, "Who does the FBI work for?"

And from the Los Angeles Times, there will soon be no more Cats on Broadway.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Handel Beats Ossoff

Karen Handel (R) defeated Jon Ossoff (D) in the special election in the 6th district of Georgia.  The seat had been vacated by Tom Price (R), who became President Trump's Health and Human Services Secretary.  The seat was once held by Newt Gingrich (R), who spent two terms as Speaker of the House.  The final tally was about 52 percent for Handel and 48 percent for Ossoff.  With over $50 million spent by the two parties, this contest now stands as the most expensive House race in history.

Someone who apparently supported Ossoff created the Twitter hashtag "#VoteYourOssoff".  I'd say that Handel kicked his Ossoff.

There have been reports that Ossoff doesn't actually live in the 6th district.  Looks like he won't have to worry about needing to move.

Read more at CNN, NBC News, Politico, The Washington Post and The New York Times.

Naturally, the analysts have started analyzing:

From ABC News, what the results mean for each party.

From the Daily News, the "real lessons of Handel-Ossoff".

At HotAir, Allahpundit asks, "Did the polls get the Handel/Ossoff race wrong?"  (My follow-up question would be, "You mean like they got the 2016 presidential race wrong?")

Form MarketWatch, why Handel and Trump won, and Ossoff lost.

And from the Washington Examiner, Ossoff complains about "money in politics", after spending six times as much as Handel.  The hypocrisy is strong in this one (though present to some extent, in my opinion, in just about all politicians).

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Links Before The Solstice

Some things going on out there, on the last full day of Spring:

From The Hill, in the 6th District of Georgia, there's a special election today.

From Breitbart's Big Government, "Clinton 3.0" (as they called her) scolds Steve Bannon.

From Fox News, at the main railroad in Brussels, an "Allahu Akbar" breaks out.

From The Daily Caller, the FBI will announce their findings concerning the baseball field shooting.

From The Telegraph, the Finsbury Park attacker allegedly wanted revenge for the London Bridge attack.

From MHW Magazine, a van driver was killed when he drove into trucks stopped by obstacles placed in the road by migrants near Calais, France.

From France 24, a man killed when he rammed a police van had a gun permit, although he was on a jihadist watch list.

From The Jerusalem Post, nearly half of Muslim youth in Austria think that Jews have too much influence.

From Egypt Independent, a mosque in Berlin that allows men and women to sit together causes some consternation.

From the Daily Mail, an ISIS-inspired Lego knockoff is available in Australia.

From FrontpageMag, leftists have "anger privilege".

From National Review, even "hate speech" is free speech.

From HotAir, a look at how the left treated Otto Warmbier.

From The Roanoke Times, Congressman Tom Garrett (R-VA) calls for North Korea to be put back on the list of state sponsors of terror.

From the Express, EU member states argue over who should get to host the two agencies that are currently located in London, but must be relocated due to Brexit.

From Yahoo News, and the "Are you sitting down?" department, former Attorney General Eric Holder is thinking about running for president.  (via American Lookout)

From the New York Post, if you want to be Mickey Mouse, it's a good idea to learn sign language.

From The Blaze, Press Secretary Sean Spicer doesn't know if President Trump has seen a draft of the Senate version of what could become Trumpcare.

From The Daily Signal, reports of the death of criminal justice reform have been greatly exaggerated.  (They actually quote Mark Twain.)

And to finish with some satire from The Babylon Bee, and the anachronism department, the Apostle Paul's copy of the King James Bible is up for auction.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Music Break

I've been wanting to put up one of these for a while, and it looks like I finally got around to it.  Like last month, I'm presenting songs that aren't all that well known.  The first one, It Came Out Of The Sky, in reality came from Creedence Cleanwater Revival's album Willy And The Poor Boys.  The video includes subtitles in Spanish.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

In London, Vehicle Hits Pedestrians - Again

Once again, a vehicle has hit pedestrians in London.  This time, however, it was not on any bridge, and the victims, not the suspected perpetrator, are Muslim.  At around 12:20 a.m. British Time, a van struck people who were reportedly leaving the Finsbury Park Mosque after a Ramadan night prayer service.  Twelve people have been reported injured.  The van's driver has been arrested.

Read more at the Express, The Guardian, the Independent, BBC News and The Sun.  Of these articles, The Sun states that two people are "feared dead", but I've found no confirmed reports of fatalities.

UPDATE:  The links now indicate that one victim has died, eight have been taken to hospitals, and two were treated at the scene.  Authorities are now calling the attack an act of terrorism.  The attacker allegedly said that he wanted to "kill all Muslims".

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Some More Stuff

Another day, more stuff to read and link:

Surprise, surprise.  Europeans want their own governments to decide on immigration.

Open a suitcase, find a migrant.

Removing monuments isn't just for over-sensitive Americans any more.

Like I said, removing monuments isn't just for over-sensitive Americans any more.

Two rightwing protesters interrupt the simulated stabbing of Donald Trump/Julius Caesar.  For the record, I don't condone what they did.  Like it or not, this play, where ancient Romans are given a modern makeover, and in which the Caesar character looks like our current president, is free speech.  However, I would also submit that what these two protesters did is microscopic compared to the leftwing violence that cancelled a speech by Milo Yannopoulos, among other recent incidents.

What happened when Officer Jeronimo Yanez shot Philando Castile?  We don't really know.

Christians and Muslims to rebuild Mosul university library.

In the area of sports, here comes the Judge, here comes the Judge.

Which "head" was she referring to?

Mr. Bill's troubles are not going away any time soon.  (This is not about a former president.)

The names of Mr. Bill's jurors will not be revealed.

She don't lie, she don't lie, she don't lie.  You can guess the rest.

Could economic ties be established between these two countries?

Happy belated birthday, your Majesty.

Virginia Tech's athletic director uses science and art to hire the right coaches.

And to finish, summer internships are allegedly ruining the American dream.

Friday, June 16, 2017

A Sasquatch's Dozen - And A Bonus

Here's the Sasquatch's Dozen, 12 things in the news today:

From Breitbart London, more asylum recipients are going on vacation back where they came from. (If the old country is so dangerous that you had to leave, isn't going back a bit risky?)

From the Express, French voters don't want President Emmanuel Macron to have too much power.

From Israellycool, some questions for Linda Sarsour.

From CBC News, Canada looks to make citizenship requirements easier - and removal of citizenship more difficult.

From the Daily Mail, British politician Jeremy Corbyn has some ideas on where to house victims of the fire that destroyed the Grenfell Tower.

From National Review, let's all just grow up.

From AhlulBayt News Agency, more than 100 groups agree to join the Syrian army.

From Straits Times, an Indonesian tribe converts from Animism to Islam.

From Russia Today, a man wields a knife outside the British Parliament building.

From The Local ES, Spaniards don't appear to want a Spexit, but they welcome a referendum.

From Fox News Insider, Kellyanne Conway hypothesizes about the reaction if she were to be shot.

And from Billboard, it's time for Carlos Santana to change his theme song.

Here's the bonus story, from this past April:

From Breitbart Texas, the sorry state of our southern border.  I'll add my own opinion on this.  If you support open borders and/or oppose any new wall, you effectively support the horrors reported in this article.