Saturday, June 10, 2017

"Let's Start Talking About Islam"

I found this article at The Religion Of Peace.  It was published on June 4, while I was out on my most recent road trip.  From Sp!ked:
Another month, another terror attack. Britain’s third in three months. This time the targets were Saturday-night revellers in London Bridge and Borough. Mown and stabbed for the crime of having fun, of being free. And already we are seeing the same craven, baleful response that follows every act of Islamist terror. ‘Watch out for an Islamophobic backlash’, aloof observers say, their minds always more agitated by the thought of stupid white people saying something rude about Islam than by acts of Islamist mass murder. ‘Don’t say anything bad about this wonderful religion or its adherents’, they tell us. This is a really bad response, because it is becoming increasingly clear that one of the major problems we face today is not that our society is too mean about Islam, but that it flatters Islam too much.
The thesis of this editorial is basically, "Protecting Islam from criticism is contributing to violence by Muslims", which is the opposite of the politically correct view that the violence is caused by such criticism.  Read the full article.

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