Thursday, June 29, 2017

Thursday Links

On the last Thursday of the first half of 2017, here are some things going on:

From Philly(dot)com, the death toll and damage from the derecho of 2012.  (The meteorological term derecho is the Spanish word for "straight", if I correctly recall reports of that event.)

From The Guardian, Tasmania tries to help the shy albatross.  (The "shy albatross" is the name of the species.)

From Reuters, studies to show how pesticides banned in Europe affect bees show mixed results.

From the Washington Examiner, if President Trump has his way, under his wall will go his pipeline.

From The Daily Caller, the Redskins will get to keep their trademark.

From the Belfast Telegraph, three men in Armagh have been arrested for displaying anti-Islamic material.  (via Jihad Watch)

From Breitbart London, more than half the people in Frankfurt, Germany "have a migrant background".

From Al Arabiya, in Somalia, Islamic militants block the flow of food.  (Just like their predecessors did during the 1990's.)

From the Birmingham Mail, an imam in Birmingham, England faces extradition to Spain.

From Gatestone Institute, why it's not "silly" to fear sharia.  This article was discussed in the BlogTalkRadio show of Red Fox Blogger, and linked by The Religion Of Peace, who also linked several of the articles above.

From MSN, a woman fatally shoots her boyfriend in a YouTube stunt gone wrong.

From RedState, the president's Tweets are going beneath the dignity of his office.

From National Review, why Trump's Tweets matter.

From FrontpageMag, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and his wife are under investigation.

From Fox News, the House passes Kate's Law.  (via Townhall)

From AhlulBayt News Agency, Iraqi troops take the Nuri Mosque in Mosul from ISIS.

From Assyrian International News Agency, ISIS is losing land and going broke.

From The Daily Signal, a couple banned from a farmer's market for not holding gay weddings on their farm speak out.

From The New York Times, a jury rules that the government can seize a skyscraper in Manhattan, because its owners violated American sanctions against Iran, and laundered money.

From Russia Today, a gas canister and an "ignition device" were found in a McDonald's in Berlin, and a man tried to run his car into a French mosque.

From Euractiv, the Czech Republic might be getting its own version of the Second Amendment.

And from Vanity Fair, Greta van Susteren and MSNBC go their separate ways.

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