Friday, June 23, 2017

A Sasquatch's Various And Sundry Dozen

Just combining two of my links post titles.  Here are twelve various things in the sundry (or sun-dried) news:

To the chagrin of fishermen, monsters invade the Pacific coast.

Please tell us, lefties, would this be considered "hate speech"?

BlackLiesMatter gets chided by a guy who can't even perceive blackness.

Ladies on the right, one of you is telling you to speak up.

Schoolchildren will no longer be taught evolution.  Darn those fundamentalist Christians!  Oh, wait.

In Kashmir, a cop gets stoned.

The Arab world's political problem is really religious.

Those robocalls are gonna cost ya, pilgrim.

In the first round, the NBA drafts ten players from the ACC.

President Trump signs the VA reform bill.  (intermediate source)

A year after Brexit, other countries might follow their example.

And to finish, a country up to its nose in migrants is urged to take in more.

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