Thursday, June 22, 2017

Thursday Links

Some stuff going on out there:

From Breitbart London, immigration has boosted the United Kingdom's population numbers.

From ABC News, the Donald claims that he did not tape conversions with FBI Director James Comey.

From the Express, the other Donald thinks that Brexit can be reversed.

From WRCB TV, the Tunisian-Canadian man who brought an "Allahu akbar" to the Flint, Michigan airport is thought to be a lone wolf.  (via Legal Insurrection)

From CNS News, Representative Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) wants Nancy Pelosi (D-Cal) to step down as their party's leader in the House; and in Washington, DC, you can get a gender-neutral driver's license.

From Twitchy, the New York office of BuzzFeed literally gets bugged.

From The Star, immigrant drug gang fights plague Spital, England.

From The Daily Caller, an MSNBC host makes three errors in a nine-word sentence.

From PopZette, some fat guy from Michigan criticizes the Democrats for losing Georgia-6.

From Philly(dot)com, three college campuses near Philadelphia are among 20 finalists for the most beautiful in America.

From Deutsche Welle, ISIS targets children to punish their parents.

From the Daily Mail, an Islamic preachers says that Allah is displeased by crying when someone dies.

From Greek Reporter, the Greek government objects to a Koran reading and Islamic prayer held in the Hagia Sophia, which is now a museum, but was a mosque, and before that, a church.

From The Indian Express, if you want to root for Pakistan's sports teams, go live there.  (I could say the same thing about people who root for Mexican soccer teams playing in the United States.)

From FrontpageMag, one writer predicts that Germany will be Islamic in 20 years.

From National Review, political violence done by groups "is hard to pull off".

From TownHall, a bill in North Carolina to protect free speech is opposed by a Charlotte newspaper.

From Breitbart's National Security, Canuck sniper 1, ISIS terrorist 0.

From The Jerusalem Post, former U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair recommends a different approach to peacemaking in the Middle East.  (via The Tower)

From The Federalist, "Who does the FBI work for?"

And from the Los Angeles Times, there will soon be no more Cats on Broadway.

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