Saturday, June 3, 2017

Van Hits Pedestrians On Bridge In London - Again

Different day, different bridge, same modus operandi.  Today on the London Bridge, a van plowed into about 20 pedestrians after mounting the bridge's curb.  There are also reports of a man, possibly someone other than the driver, leaving the van and attempting to stab people.  The incident has been called a terror attack.  There are no reports yet about how many people have been injured or killed.

Two months ago, pedestrians were struck buy a vehicle on the Westminster Bridge in London.  As with similar incidents, there will undoubtedly be updates as more information comes out.

Read more at the Express, the Mirror, BBC News, The Sun and the Daily Star.

UPDATE:  Depending on which story you read, there were either three or five attackers, two of whom were killed by police.  Up to seven victims of the attack may have been killed.  There are also reports of possibly related incidents in the areas of Borough Market and Vauxhall.  Let me add two more sources, the Daily Mail and The Telegraph.

UPDATE 2:  According to the Daily Mail and The Telegraph, the attackers shouted "This is for Allah."

UPDATE 3:  The links now indicate seven victims killed and 48 injured.  There were three attackers, all of whom were shot dead by police.  The terrorists reportedly wore fake bombs or gas canisters.

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