Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Ohio Caves And Waterfalls - Part 2

After visiting Ash Cave and Cedar Falls, I continued northward on OH Route 374 to Old Man's Cave.  This cave is actually a large alcove on one side of a creek.  From the alcove, I got this shot of a bridge spanning the creek.  Not my best focus, but not as bad as in my first two pics from Ash Cave.

Here's another shot that includes the bridge.  The people in the foreground are walking on a trail from the alcove down to the bridge.

This shot looks back up into Old Man Cave.  I had taken the first two pictures from the walkway at the top.

I kept hiking, and the trail kept taking me up and down stone stairs.  I eventually got to Lower Falls.  Pretty soon I was feeling like the cave's namesake.

This is the bridge that I crossed just before reaching Lower Falls.  It's made of stone, bricks and mortar.

After Old Man's Cave, I went to one last natural area, Rock House.  This too, is on OH 374, about 8 miles further north.  This is the lower part of the front of the park's namesake formation, with some leaves in the upper left foreground.  I then crossed the bridge at the lower left.

Here's the front of the Rock House, looking further up, with more leaves in the upper foreground.  I eventually got pretty close to where the man was sitting.

This shot is from inside the Rock House, showing the bridge I had crossed a few minutes earlier.

The trail led away from the Rock House, and past some more rocks.

The Rock House was the last cave I hiked in, but I had one other place to explore, of a very different variety.  Stay tuned.

For more on Old Man Cave, go to HockingHills(dot)com and Hocking Hills State Park Travel Guide.

For more on Rock House, go to Inn & Spa At Cedar Falls and OnlyInYourState.

Some other things to note:  All the areas shown in these two posts are within Hocking Hills State Park in Ohio.  All except Rock House are connected to the others by trails going between them.  None of these places required an admission fee, so to all who pay Ohio state taxes, thank you very much.

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