Sunday, June 4, 2017

Casselman Bridge

To quote that noted travel guide Willie Nelson, I've gone out "on the road again".  The first place I stopped to see was Casselman Bridge in its namesake state park, in Grantsville, Maryland.  The bridge spans Casselman River, and is reached by turning off of U.S. Alternate 40, which goes through Grantsville.  Today, only pedestrians are allowed on the bridge.  In this picture, taken from an oblique angle, some idiots visitors sit or stand on the bridge's outer wall.

Here you can see bridge and the river, with the idiots visitors still on the wall.

Looking south from the Casselman Bridge, this is more of the river.  Alt-40 goes over the trestle bridge.

Here's a view from the east end of Casselman Bridge, looking westward.

Looking at this, can you guess when the bridge was built?

I later stopped in Ellenboro, West Virginia.  Here's a view of the North Bend Rail Trail going over West Virginia 16, just north of U.S. 50.

For more on Casselman Bridge, go to StateParks(dot)com, Spruce Forest Artisan Village, Bridge Browser, Bridgehunter(dot)com and WHILBR.

For more on the North Bend Rail Trail, go to TrailLink, Rails To Trails, Bike Washington and the trail's own website.

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