Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Tuesday Topics

Here are some things going on out there:

In 24 hours, London has had three fatal stabbings.

President Trump goes after CNN.

Denmark thinks something's rotten with immigrant smugglers.

The Arkansas Capitol grounds now includes the Ten Commandments.  (You know, just like the U.S. Supreme Court.)

Comcast and Sprint are talking.

The Flint airport policeman who was stabbed is now out of the hospital.

ISIS-linked Filipino groups terrorize civilians.

Car-fire jihad, seemingly common in France and Sweden, comes to Norway.

An Islamist group in Syria rejects Turkish-Russian intervention.

Illinois has become a fiscal mess.

The European Union's attempt to fine Google proves Brexit right.

It was twenty years ago today.  (No, this is not related to a certain Beatles album.)

Although now out of office, former President Obama still takes some pretty expensive vacations.

And to finish, although this is under development in one of my ancestral countries, I think I'll decline.

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