Monday, March 27, 2017

Various And Sundry

As the work week starts off, here's some things in the news:

That's not a golf ball, it's a hail stone.

What happens in a dismemberment abortion?

In an not-too-unexpected development, tourists abandon London.

Meanwhile in the Netherlands, someone doesn't want a new mosque.

But in Iowa, residents welcome the new mosque.

AG Sessions: Comply with the law.

My Pennsylvanian coal mining ancestors wouldn't like this idea.

Daniel Greenfield:  Here's what the left wants.

60 votes?  Not so fast, Chuck.

This quarterback has a Bear in his family tree.

In Pakistan, a man changes his religion, with the government's permission.

In Australia, one imam would not allow such conversion.

In England, an imam keeps his job after admitting slapping children.

An Indonesian man heads home after serving 6 months in a Saudi jail.

The Soviet Union's plan to attack NATO.

A woman is accused of "mansplaining".

My response to this claim would start with "Hey Joe".

"Earth-like waves" are found in the Sun's atmosphere.

The Trump stock rally stumbles.

Judge Gorsuch will have to wait a while.

And to finish, if you don't want a cat or a dog, try one of these.

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