Sunday, March 12, 2017

Some Random Stories

Here are a few things I've across that are not necessary current, but might be interesting anyway:

How, exactly, does a man gird up his loins?

You can eat like a Super Bowl MVP.

A well-known French lady will soon get a facelift.

A U.S. Attorney takes one last shot after being told "You're fired".

My response to this request would be something like palić w piekle.

Out with the PED's, in with the painkillers.

Some old basketball coaches never change.

Al Gore's invention is in peril.

Armenia enables halal certification.

Here's one reason to support the wall.

Here's a pro-amnesty Republican.  Well, partial amnesty, anyway.

Swedish Muslims fighting for ISIS collect welfare.

In Sweden, foreign rapists are rarely deported.

British imams are encouraged to preach in English.

New York might get rid of a literacy test - for teachers.

Weird sleep schedules can affect our mental health.

Two U.K. preachers have been punished for reciting the Bible in public.

A Jordanian soldier who killed 7 Israeli girls in 1997 is released from prison.

Should we take in refugees from this place?

The British Secretary of State tells Parliament to not delay Brexit.

The Russian ambassador allegedly met with the campaigns of both Clinton and Trump.

And to finish, Trump demonstrates her golf swing.  (Yes, I said "her".)

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