Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Did Chuck Loose His Cool?

Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) reportedly recently caused a scene at a New York restaurant in which he mouthed off to a woman named Hilary, because she had voted for the major candidate whose name does not resemble her own.  She and her husband, Joseph Califano Jr. (who had been President Carter's Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare, back when those things were all within a single department) were dining at Sette Mezzo in Manhattan, when the senator allegedly made a scene, yelling, "She voted for Trump".  He then continued his tirade while following the Califanos out the door.  Some witnesses, on the other hand, claim that the conversation was pleasant, and that Hilary's voting for Trump was merely a joke made by her husband.

Read the full story at Page Six, which is a section of the New York Post.  When looking for other sources for this story, all that I've found refer back to Page Six, but I will also link the article from the Daily Mail, because it has some good pictures.

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