Monday, March 20, 2017

Links For Spring

As the Spring Solstice arrives, here are some things going on:

It's going to be warm and wet.

In Berlin, a man on a bike attacks women.

Tom Brady's stolen jerseys have been found.

But the question remains.  Who stole them?

Libya will help stop the migration - for a price.

Women's weightlifting is dominated by one of the Caitlyn type.

A teenager and teacher, before going missing, were allegedly seen kissing.

Watch out, world.  Here comes another Trump.

The president keeps on Tweeting.

Young ladies, some definitions, please.

Could the Trump Tower have been under surveillance, but without wiretapping?

Judge Gorsuch speaks before his confirmation hearing.

Gorsuch has some defenders.  (via here)

His main backer will stay out of the fray.

Of course, Democrats lose their minds over one quote.

Senator Feinstein says you can't change a "super-precedent".

According to one critic, the kung fu in Iron Fist isn't very good.

The European Parliament passes more gun control laws.

A "sanctuary county" releases more illegal aliens.

One critic of sanctuary policies wants their perpetrators prosecuted.

In Indonesia, masked enforcers carry out sharia punishments.

Here's yet one more "end of the world" prediction....well, sort of.

The Bixby voice assistant will soon be available on all Samsung devices.

Energy and bank stocks are going lower.

The former #1 golfer thinks he can come back.

And last but not least, five traditions for the start of spring.

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