Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Car-And-Knife Terrorism In London

Today in London, two people were reportedly killed and about a dozen others injured when a car plowed into pedestrians on the Westminster Bridge and a policeman was stabbed near the Parliament building by an attacker who was then shot by other police.  Metropolitan Police are calling the attack a "terrorist incident".  The man with a knife had reportedly been seen leaving the car, and is described as "Asian", which in the United Kingdom often refers to people from the Indian subcontinent.

Whether the alleged knife attacker was the car's driver or a passenger has not been reported.  If he was the driver, this incident would be very similar to what happened on the Ohio State University campus, where a man ran into people with his car and then continued his attack with a knife, before he was shot by a cop.

Read more at The Telegraph, the Mirror, BBC News, the Independent and The New York Times.

UPDATE:  Some of the linked articles now report four dead and about 20 injured, and that a single assailant both drove the car and stabbed a policeman.

UPDATE 2:  A member of Parliament tried to help the policeman who had been stabbed.  The MP had lost his own brother in the Bali bombing 2002, as reported by the Express.

UPDATE 3:  The attacker, who has died, was identified by several media outlets as Abu Izzadeen, a member of a Muslim organization which has been banned for "glorification of terror".  This identification turned out to be erroneous, because Izzadeen, once known as Trevor Brooks, is currently in jail.  He appears to be of African descent.  Read more at AOL News and Jihad Watch.

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