Thursday, March 2, 2017

Even More Stuff

Some things in the news during the last day or so:

The GOP can't figure how to proceed on questions about AG Sessions.

No, Sessions did not commit perjury.

The Sessions controversy is a "witch-hunt", according to one opinion writer.

Sessions's predecessor did not recuse herself from the investigation of Hillary Clinton's emails.

Sessions will recuse himself for investigations about the Trump campaign.

Former President Bush the Younger explains his earlier comments about freedom of the press.

Will President Trump help endangered Christians?

Here's one reason why the wall should be built.

When Dylan sang "everybody must get stoned", I don't think this is what he meant.

Syria retakes Palmyra.

How Israel deals with illegal immigration.

Fake black person gives herself a new name.

Turkish opposition figure is accused of using "spells and genies".

Video shows a jihadi scouting the Antwerp, Belgium railroad station.

Women get attacked with acid - in Berlin.

Rick Perry and Ben Carson are confirmed.

Will another very rich TV personality run for president?

And finish, I say, "Good dog"!

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