Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Links For International Women's Day

Here a few stories relating to International Women's Day, this year a.k.a. Day Without A Woman:

Participants in the women's strike pledge to "avoid spending money".

Women "around the world" skip work.  (I suspect that women who live in places where they're not allowed out of their homes without a male guardian might not have had the chance to change their normal routines.)

In one woman's opinion, it's really "a day without privileged women".

The Alexandria, Virginia school district took today off, but it won't help.

Here's some video footage from New York's Central Park.

The protest in Washington, DC is being led by someone who isn't a woman.

The pro-Sharia organizer of the Women's March from 1/21 has been arrested.

The "women's strike" platform calls for the destruction of the only country in the Middle East which respects women's rights.

Did any participants in today's activities show any concern for these women?

And to finish, America's one and only Slavic First Lady and her stepdaughter observe International Women's day at the White House.

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