Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Links For Pi Day

Today is 3/14, which is called "Pi Day" because it reminds people of the first three digits of what it probably the world's best known irrational number.  So I've decided to find 14 things to share.  If not any irrational number, some of these items might refer to irrational people.

From The Daily Caller, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) doesn't seem to know much about guns and silencers.

From Zero Hedge, how dare those Hungarians defend their border!

From The Two-Way, you can really catch a falling star - if you're a black hole.

From the Coventry Telegraph, a mosque leader admits stabbing a child with a pen.

From The Telegraph, a British judge sends a boy to a Muslim school, despite objections by his father.

From Arutz Sheva, in 30 British church schools, Muslim students outnumber Christians.

From BBC News, the Saudi Arabian girl's school council hides its female members.

From The Roanoke Times, Virginia Tech's basketball team returns to the NCAA tournament, and former VT quarterback Tyrod Taylor will stay with the Buffalo Bills.  It's all on one page.

From Fox News, Somali pirates hijack an oil tanker.

From The Washington Free Beacon, a lawsuit says, "Free the Obamacare documents."

From the Daily News, a NYPD officer dies of "9/11-related" cancer.

From Politico, Press Secretary Sean Spicer says that President Trump is "extremely confident" that there is evidence for his wiretapping claims.

From The Politistick, Senator Lisa Murkoski (R-AK) can't handle a CNN reporter's question.

And from ABC News, a professor describes how his children crashed his BBC interview.

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