Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A Sasquatch's Dozen

Twelve stories which I've run across this morning:

From the Independent, one body part deserves its own museum.

From TribLive, Pennsylvania wants photos for the Wall Of Faces.

From Breitbart Texas, illegal aliens are getting more aggressive.

From LifeNews, a horrifying admission.

From ABC News, your college's commencement could have a musical guest.

From WJLA, near the Capitol, a woman is in custody after ramming a police car.

From Neos Kosmos, guns and ammo are found in a house of worship.

From the Toronto Sun, ISIS supporters work at Canadian airport.  (via Jihadwatch)

From FrontpageMag, sanctuary city officials appear set to keep defying immigration law.

From Politico, Secretary of State Tillerson tells NATO to "show Trump the money".

From The Local DE, in Berlin, Muslims remove their children from a nursery school which has a gay employee.  (via the Geller Report)

And from The Two-Way, Westinghouse files for bankruptcy.  (Full disclosure:  My father worked for Westinghouse, and was laid off when I was a teenager.)

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