Saturday, March 18, 2017

Some More Saturday Links

As the last weekend of the winter gets underway, and Stella's snow continues to melt, here are some things, other than the incident at Orly airport, going on out there:

From Fox News, and speaking of Stella and airports, her remaining snow delayed the arrival of an airplane at LaGuardia.

From the Associated Press, it shall be built bigly.

From KTLA, please show us your designs for it.

From Gatestone Institute, a month in France.

From the Daily News, Kellyanne Conway gets a tasty new name.

From The Daily Caller, the House shows some respect to our veterans - and the Second Amendment.

From TribLive, Indiana troopers get their man.

From WorldNetDaily, some countries won't take back illegal aliens.

From Mediaite, attorney Alan Dershowitz discusses the court order against President Trump's three-month pause.

From The Washington Times, a college scholarship fund is reactivated.

From The Times Of India, an atheist gets hacked to death.

From Sputnik International, Germany uses software that can recognize a refugee's dialect.

From AL(dot)com, the FBI wants to bring 4,000 jobs to Alabama.

From AhlulBayt News Agency, Jerusalem gets its tallest minaret.

From National Review, the G-File, with links of its own, written by Jonah Goldberg while in Alaska.  (If you want to know why he's up there, read the article.)

From Philly(dot)com, residents on a street in Fishtown are still inconvenienced by a water-main break.

From Legal Insurrection, both sides of the media aisle debunk the hysteria over proposed cuts to Meals On Wheels.

From ABC News, Meanwhile, Meals On Wheels, sees greatly increased private donations.  In other words, it moves toward being a real charity.

There is another breaking story of which I've just learned, but it's something that I believe deserves a post unto itself.  Stay tuned.....and pull out a musical instrument.

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