Monday, March 13, 2017

Make Baseball Great Again

During his younger days, our current president was quite the baseball player.  He was, according to his own boast, "the best baseball player in New York".  (It has been generally assumed that he meant "amateur" baseball player, since it would be extremely unlikely that a high schooler could be as good as Mickey Mantle, Whitey Ford, etc.)  He went into real estate because back then, baseball players didn't make all that much money.  (I know it sounds strange today, but it's true.  Trump's high school years came before MLB free agency and skyrocketing salaries.  I myself am old enough to remember the highest salaries consisting of only six figures.)

While "best in New York" is most likely a stretch, the Donald might have been pretty good, because both the Phillies and the Red Sox scouted him.  In the latter case, had he been good enough to make the major league roster, he would have become a New York kid playing in Boston, and probably seen as a traitor to his home town, and subject to quite a bit of disdain.  But I guess he doesn't have to worry about disdain, does he?  Oh, wait....never mind.

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