Friday, March 10, 2017

Friday Links

As the weekend and a cold front approach, here are some things in the news:

From The Washington Post, first year medical doctors will soon be allowed to work 24-hour shifts.

From ABC News, due to job growth, we might be headed for a rate hike.

From TribLive, Pennsylvania's unemployment rate is still above the national average.

From Crux, the Vatican's ambassador to Ireland is transferred to Albania.

From USA Today, you can watch as Native Americans protest the pipelines.

From the Daily News, a Jewish senior center in New York receives a bomb threat.

From NPR, an "oral history project" seeks to remember military dolphins.

From KTLA, a Canadian judge resigns over comments he made during a rape trial.

From Fox News, increases in the minimum wage have led to some unintended consequences.

From the New York Post, Iraqi troops continue to pound ISIS near Mosul.

From The Daily Caller, the House passes two tort reform bills.

From CNN, how to drink wine without removing the cork from the bottle, and a 3000-year-old statue has been found in Cairo.

From FrontpageMag, President Trump's immigration policies are already working.

From National Review, the media should stop fawning over Trump's rival's daughter.

From the Daily Mail, an example of how Shariah works in Indonesia.

From Gatestone Institute, in Europe, jihadis live on welfare.

From The Salt Lake Tribune, another senator apparently wants to die of old age while in office.

And from Mashable, a man and his twin daughters recreate a scene from The Shining.

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