Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Wednesday Links

A few stories out there in the news:

China has successfully tested a hypersonic glider.

The U.S. Air Force will have its own hypersonic weapons.

A mushroom cloud is seen coming from Area 51.

A British MP is suspended for her pre-membership comments about Israel.  (H/T Kel Fritzi & Catstrangler, for mentioning this on their BTR show)

An OECD official likens the possible Brexit to a tax.  (Another H/T to Kel & Cat)

The Republican and Democrat Senate primary winners in Maryland are....

Although the media won't say, among the losers of the Democrat House primary is....

The DOE is worried about anti-Muslim bullying.

The Austrian "far right" is angry about alleged sex attacks by refugees.  (Does being against sexual assault make you "far right"?)

This particular example deserves some Austrian anger, I'd say.

According to the Austrian presidential frontrunner, only about 1 in 5 of the migrants in Austria is a "real refugee".

In France, a Muslim shopkeeper is fined for having different hours open for men and women.

In France, a synagogue will be converted into a mosque.

In Denmark, Muslim girls attend girl-only swimming lessons.  (via here)

In Delaware, three girls involved in a fight in which a schoolmate was killed are suspended from their school.

President Obama will visit Flint, Michigan next week.

The current election may be one of the craziest ever, but at least the technology is improving.

Ted Cruz (R-TX) announces his VP choice.

And finally, a Pennsylvania state representative hires casting extras.

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