Monday, April 25, 2016

Irish Teen Helps Homeless With Invented Sleeping Bag

A teenage girl in Ireland has come up with a sleeping bag for the homeless in her country, and with the help of the charity Mendicity Institution, has given some homeless Irish an employment opportunity.  From ABC News:
It all started Jan. 9, 2015, when [Emily] Duffy entered the Irish "BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition." There, she presented a waterproof, fireproof sleeping bag and was noticed by the Mendicity Institution, a homeless charity in Dublin.
Mendicity manager Charles Richards offered her a deal: They would set up a workshop where service users would learn how to make their own sleeping bags and get paid for it.
"I knew straight away that there was going to be a use for my product and it would become something more that I could even imagine," Duffy told ABC News. "They tested them out, made a few modifications to fit what they wanted and that's how the Duffily bag came to be."
I'd say that what Emily Duffy has done is a perfect example of the best way to help the less fortunate among us - give them a chance to work.  Perhaps her sleeping bag might also be good for camping.  But before you go out and get your Duffily bag, laddies and lassies, read the full story.

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