Saturday, April 23, 2016

Links For Saint George's Day

Here are some things going on, as our friends across the Pond celebrate Saint George's Day and mark the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare:

From The Age, Australian troops in Iraq are finding "entire suburbs" wired with mines.  (via Topix and Terrorism Headlines)

From SBS, the Grand Mufti of Australia is reportedly suing News Corp for defamation.

From The Jerusalem Post, Iran accuses ISIS of conspiring against it.

From UPI, ISIS claims to have downed a Syrian plane and captured its pilot.

From Business Standard, a professor in Bangla Desh is "hacked to death", for which ISIS claims responsibility.  UPDATE:  There's more on this story from CNN.  (via Bare Naked Islam)

From D.C. Clothesline, a look at a Time article about Islam, from 1979.

From Hürriyet Daily News, 12 police officers and three civilians are wounded in a bomb attack by the PKK.  (via Turkish Weekly)

From CNS News, according to Turkey's prime minister, migrant crossings from Turkey into Greece have dropped.

From Fox News, according to South Korean defense officials, North Korea has fired a ballistic missile from a submarine.

From The Times Of Israel, a look at Melania Trump's Slovenian home town.

From National Review, Donald Trump's accusation of "stolen delegates" and "rigged" elections are nothing new.

From Townhall, America's "most predatory victims".

From Yahoo News, tens of thousands of Germans protest against a proposed transatlantic trade deal.  (via TeaParty(dot)org)

From YNetNews, suicide in Israel is decreasing.

From Farandu Life, world leaders sign the latest U.N. climate deal.

From the Express, a man in Gillingham, England allegedly exposes himself to a woman at a pool.

From Re/Code, how to binge on Prince.

And from CNet, headphones for people who love hearing bass.

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