Monday, April 25, 2016

LGBT Magazine Editor In Bangla Desh Killed In Machete Attack

If you're an American, and your attitude toward homosexual conduct is critical in any way, you might be accused of hate.  You don't have to do anything to harm a gay person, you merely have to have a politically incorrect opinion, such as opposition to gay marriage.  At the same time, if your attitude toward Islam is critical in any way, you might be accused of Islamophobia or even racism (even though Muslims can be members of any race).  But ironically enough, these two demands of political correctness are inherently at odds, since homosexuals in Muslim-majority countries can face dangers far worse than not being allowed to marry.  For example, in Bangla Desh, an editor of that country's first LGBT magazine was hacked to death by machete earlier today, along with a man who worked at the U.S. Embassy, in an act that by any objective standard, is far more hateful than refusing to sell a cake for use at a gay wedding.

Read more about the reported machete attack at the Independent, Fox News and CNN.

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