Wednesday, April 13, 2016

"Trump Hates Pierogies"

When Donald Trump (R-NY) visits Pittsburgh today, he might encounter protests, such as food-themed signs on the lawn of one local resident.  As Salena Zito writes in TribLive:
While two protests are planned in response to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's visit to Pittsburgh on Wednesday, the one on Eric Rickin's Fox Chapel lawn is the most uniquely Pittsburgh.
Homemade signs at his home read “Trump Likes Hunt's Ketchup,” “Trump Hates Pierogies,” and “Trump Moved My Parking Chair.”
The significance of pierogies is explained by Professor Alice Julier of Chatham University, who is quoted by Zito:
“I had pierogies growing up in New York, but here it is so different - it is such an emotional attachment. It is what brings us all together and gives us that identity,” she said.
A pierogi is a roughly semicircular pocket made of pasta, and filled with such things as potatoes or sauerkraut.  Like the professor, I ate pierogies growing up in New York.  They are very popular in parts of Pennsylvania (among other states), having been imported by Polish immigrants over 100 year ago.  Due to brands such as Mrs T's, I've been able to find them in supermarkets here in Maryland.  The word "pierogi" is derived from the Polish word pieróg, which means "dumpling".  In the nominative plural, the word becomes pierogi.  But before you go out and try some, read the full story.

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