Thursday, April 14, 2016

Anti-Trump Protesters Attack Police

As CBS Pittsburgh reports, some violence broke out near a rally for presidential candidate Donald Trump (R-NY).  If you read the first paragraph, you would think that the Trump supporters and anti-Trump protesters were equally culpable.
Three people were arrested and four officers suffered minor injuries during a clash between Donald Trump supporters and protesters.
Note the phase "between Donald Trump supporters and protesters", which does not distinguish between the actions of each side.  In the fourth paragraph, however, the story becomes more specific.
According to the criminal complaint, several officers were working a “skirmish line” between Trump supporters and “anarchist members in masks” and protesters.  At one point, the anarchists/protesters began using pepper spray on the officers while trying to get to the Trump supporters.
Here you see what really happened.  The violence was initiated by anti-Trump people, who attacked the police, "trying to get to the Trump supporters".  This would mean that there was no actual clash between the the pro-Trump and anti-Trump sides, but violence by anti-Trumpers against the police.  Thankfully, the cops were able to defend themselves, and by doing so, defend the pro-Trumpers, who were merely exercising their right to peacefully assemble.  One lesson that might be learned from all this is that when I say "read the full story", the emphasis should be on "full".

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