Thursday, April 28, 2016

Man In "Panda Suit" Makes Bomb Threat At TV Station

According to several reports, a man wearing a panda suit entered the Fox News affiliate in Baltimore, threatened to blow the place up, and was later shot by police.  The building had been evacuated in response to his threat.  The suspect's condition is not yet known.

UPDATE:  The suspect is reportedly in "serious but stable" condition, and is expected to survive.  I have a feeling that his explanation for his actions, if he chooses to give one, is going to be interesting.

Read more at WMAR, FOX5, CBS News and FOX45 (the place which was threatened).

UPDATE 2:  Hot Air has some more recent information on story.  They cite Reuters, who report that the suspect thought that the world will end this coming June 3rd, and CNN, whose affiliate interviewed the suspect's father.  Looks like I was right.  The guy's reported explanation is certainly interesting.

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