Sunday, April 17, 2016

Monocacy Battlefield Monuments

In July of 1864, a Civil War battle took place near the Monocacy River, about three miles southeast of Frederick, Maryland.  Today, the area of "the battle that saved Washington" is a National Park Service unit named Monocacy National Battlefield.  It includes a visitors center, a few hiking trails, and some monuments along or near Maryland state highway 355.  This monument to the Pennsylvania 87th is located on Araby Church Road, both ends of which run into MD 355.  Note the Swiss-style cross on the ball at the top.

Near the above monument is this marker to the 67th, 87th and 138th PA volunteers.

The Vermont monument is also along Araby Church Road.  Unfortunately, the inscribed cross-shaped plaque was in shadow.

The New Jersey Monument is just of MD 355, northwest of the Monocacy River.  Again, the front of the monument is in shadow.

This stone wall is the north boundary of the lawn surrounding the New Jersey monument.  Behind it and the trees is a railroad track.

The track splits into two branches under this bridge, over which MD 355 passes.  It looks like some repair work might be in order.

More about the Battle of Monocacy may be found at Civil War Album, Exploring Off The Beaten Path, Historical Army Foundation and Civil War Trust.

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