Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Canadian Veteran Deals With The Paperwork

(H/T to Gulf Dogs, who Tweeted this one.)

This story comes via DownTrend, from the Edmonton Journal, which reports:
Retired Master Cpl. Paul Franklin lost both of his legs from just above knee when a bomb hit the vehicle he was driving during a Canadian Forces tour in Afghanistan in January 2006.
Ten years later, he is getting ready to fill out yet another set of forms to tell the Canadian government that, in fact, his legs are still missing.
I've heard about problems that some American military veterans face, when dealing with the VA, for example, but it looks like our northern neighbors who have fought for their country have likewise had to deal with the bureaucratic red tape.  You'd think, that once you've shown that you've lost a good part of both legs, the relevant information would be in your permanent record.  But as Corporal Franklin has found out, you might be wrong.  Read the full story.

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