Saturday, April 9, 2016

Saturday Links

Today, as winter makes one last gasp (we hope), here are some things going on out there:

From BBC News, the United States warns about threats in two Turkish cities.

From The Sun, a gay British cop is murdered, and treated in a gruesome manner afterwards.

From Rudaw, Kurdish migrants in Europe struggle to learn European languages, and 1300 Yezidis receive military training to defend Shingal.

From Townhall, the top 7 ways in which liberals wage a war on women.

From CNN, Senator Bernie Sanders (R-VT) looks for a win in the Wyoming caucuses.

From The Daily Caller, Ohio State students occupying an area outside the university president's office are told to get out or get arrested and expelled.

From the Independent, in London, about 5,000 protesters call for Prime Minister David Cameron to resign.

From The Hill, a congressman from North Carolina strikes back at Bruce Springsteen, who recently cancelled a concert in response to the state's new bathroom law.

From Fox News Latino, a painting by a Kazakh artist has been given to President Obama.  (Since Kazakhstan is not part of Latin America, I can only wonder how this story got into the "Latino" section of a news website.)

From WUIS, North Korea claims to have tested an engine for an ICBM.

From the Associated Press, Secretary of State John Kerry talks with Afghan leaders.

From The Manila Times, the leader of the Afghan Taliban consolidates his power.

From the International Business Times, a group linked to al Qaeda claims responsibility for the death of a Bangla Deshi secular activist.

From Breitbart London, a former feminist writes "Islam kills women".

From Yahoo News, a man arrested in Belgium has admitted to being the "man in a hat" seen in surveillance video at the Brussels airport.

From National Review, a look at Donald Trump's border wall plan.

From the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Virginia Tech's spring football practices are getting "fast and furious".

And from Re/Code, there really are smart cows.

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