Friday, April 8, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Subway Adventure

Writing in Investor's Business Daily, Andrew Malcolm writes about Hillary Clinton's recent ride on the New York subway, which apparently included a photo-op.  As he tells us:
If not run right, however, photo ops can suddenly turn on a politician and bite their South Side — in front of the same leering cameras. Ask Hillary Clinton after her awkward Thursday experience attempting to enter the New York City subway.
Clinton’s had Secret Service chauffeurs for 23 years now. She hasn’t driven a car this century. She prohibits traveling press from photographing her boarding chartered private jets.
But with the New York primary just 11 days away and another elderly ex-New Yorker undermining her sure-fire, now lame nomination campaign by winning six of the last seven contests, millionairess Clinton wanted to look like a regular person. So, she shunned the limo and charter jet.
Just think.  Sixteen years after carpet-bagging her way into New York to become their junior Senator, Hillary Clinton finally decided to take a ride on the NYC subway.  But just getting into the system proved to be a challenge.  Back to IBD:
So, Clinton walked up to the subway turnstile holding the MetroCard someone bought for her. She swiped it at the fare reader. And…….nothing. Again. Nothing. Again. Nothing. Again. Nothing.
Cameras captured the painful scene as the woman who jokes about wiping her private email server with a cloth looked like a puzzled yutz.
Finally, on the fifth try Clinton gained entry, confident in the knowledge her straight face would appear in this photo, not her five tries.
I don't recall anyone having that much trouble with the Washington DC Metro, but if someone does, he won't be alone.  Read the full story, and as Malcolm warns, do so "before the media buries it".

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