Monday, April 18, 2016

Links For (This Year's) Tax Day

Here are some stories going on while there's still (a very small amount of) time to mail in your tax return:

Jordan says "not so fast" to putting cameras on the Temple Mount.

Israel has arrest three people for allegedly paying people to harass visitors to the Temple Mount.

A Chinese military aircraft has landed on an artificial island.

A backhoe hit by an Amtrak train had the right to be on the track.

According to a prosecutor, Italy could fight ISIS by decriminalizing marijuana.

Muslim leaders in Germany condemn a proposal to ban minarets and burqas.

Contrary to the idea that joblessness contributes to terrorism, most ISIS fighters have held jobs.

Iran's capital has 7,000 undercover "morality crime agents".

According to one Op-Ed, the hidden truths about 9/11 involve more than Saudi Arabia.

When asked if she had seen the 28 classified pages from the 9/11 Commission's report, Hillary Clinton (D-NY) won't say.

Presidential candidate Ted Cruz (R-TX) claims victory in five "landslides", but only one of them involved any popular votes.

A reporter in Houston rescues a man from floodwaters, while on camera.

Seven things have been found offensive at the White Privilege Conference, and it's all the fault of Christianity.

While illegal aliens and their enablers protest, the Supreme Court appears divided over President Obama's executive amnesty.

Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) reminds us that when it comes to immigration policy, "no one is above the law".

A man released after five years of wrongful imprisonment will sue the state of Illinois.

The military allegedly misled Congress on sexual assaults.

Here are some scenes from a Lebanese festival in Alabama.

Why Minecraft is popular and good for kids.

According to DHS, if you've got Quicktime, you should get rid of it.

To finish:  That's no moon.  It's a speaker.

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