Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Wastewater Spill Threatens Navajo

The EPA-caused spill of wastewater into the Animas and San Juan rivers is now threatening the livelihoods of the Navajo Nation, many of whom normally depend on the San Juan for drinking water and irrigation.  The Navajo have responded by suing the EPA.  The Navajo president and tribal officials have accused the EPA of trying to cheat some Navajo people by getting them to sign away their rights to make future claims against the EPA.  Some stories:

From CNN, the damage done to the Navajo's water "goes beyond money".

From The Washington Times, Navajo President Russell Begaye has alleged that EPA officials have been asking Navajo people to sign waivers.

From Time, President Begaye discusses his tribe's lawsuit.

From the StarTribune, experts predict "long-term health risks" from the spill.

And from the Chicago Tribune, the Navajo are "bearing the brunt" of the spill.

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