Friday, August 21, 2015

Black Canyon Of The Gunnison - Part 2

After viewing the canyon of the Gunnison river from Gunnison Point, and hiking the Oak Flat Trail, I drove to some other viewing points within Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park.  This picture was taken from a viewing area called Pulpit Rock, looking eastward.  The reason the south side of the canyon (on the right) is more eroded than the north side is that the north receives more direct sunlight than the south, which causes more water to evaporate therefrom.  The dryer rock is more difficult to erode, while the moister rock on the south side erodes more easily.

Looking westward from Devils Lookout, I could see the far wall of a side canyon, toward the left, and the north wall of the main canyon.

From another spot in Devils Lookout, I could see down to the Gunnison River.

Looking eastward from Chasm View, I could see part of the river, which was otherwise behind part of the canyon's south wall.

Seen from another part of Chasm View, the river turns into rapids that run between rocks.

Within easy walking distance from Chasm View is Painted Wall View.  This is part of Painted Wall, named because of its two colors of rock.  According to the information provided at the viewing area, this cliff is about twice as high as the Empire State Building.

Here's more of Painted Wall, looking downward into the canyon.

Painted Wall View was the last place in the park where I decided to stop and see the sights.  Soon afterwards, I was back out on the road.

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