Sunday, August 16, 2015

Greetings From Western Colorado

I'm out here in western Colorado for a change of scenery and some exploration.  (Thankfully, my flights were not affected by yesterday's air traffic computer glitch.)  As you might expect, the scenery here is very different from that of Maryland.  While driving between Mesa and De Beque, the latter located on both the Colorado River and Interstate 70, on a road known as the "De Beque Cutoff" but whose official designation is "45 1/2 Road", I came across an interesting rock formation, and had to snap a few pics.  It appears to contain at least two openings.

Here's the formation from a different angle.  A few trees are in the way.

I continued stepping around bushes and smaller rocks, and took this shot from a greater distance, with even more trees in the foreground.

Naturally, I'll be putting up some more travelogue posts in the near future.

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