Thursday, August 20, 2015

Thursday Links

Some things happening out there in the world:

From Real Clear Politics, why are voters giving presidential candidate Donald Trump (R) a chance?

From Daily Surge, Trump talks politics with Oprah Winfrey - in 1988.

From the Washington Examiner, presidential candidate Ben Carson (R) draws big crowds in Arizona.

From USA Today, stocks appear set to fall in part due to lower oil prices.

From the Associated Press, a scuba-diving drug smuggler used a partially underwater tunnel.

From BBC News, two suspects in the bombing of a Hindu shrine in Bangkok turn themselves in.

From Tech Crunch, Mesosphere and Microsoft combine to bring the former's container-centric program to the latter Windows software.

From Newser, in my principal ancestral country, seven people are killed when two planes full of skydivers collide.

In FrontpageMag, Michelle Malkin points out how polluting the Animas River is not the only problem with the EPA.

From Russia Today, South Korea evacuates civilians after exchanging artillery fire with North Korea.  (via End Time Headlines)

From The Jerusalem Post, Malaysia has arrested ten people with suspected links to ISIS.

From LifeNews, media networks censor a video of a woman alleging that her superior at Planned Parenthood harvested organs from a baby that was still alive.

From Reuters, existing home sales are at an eight-year high.

From The Washington Post, Tropical Storm Danny could become this year's first hurricane.

From the New York Daily News, a baby was accidentally locked in a hotel safe.  (via NJ(dot)com)

And from Hokiesports, the Football Writers Association of America's 75th Anniversary All-America Second Team includes the man known as Bruuuuuuuce.

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