Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Some Sights In Western Colorado

To conclude my most recent travelogue, I have a few pictures from places in Colorado where I made a brief stop.  In Fruita, there is a welcome center just off exit 19 from Interstate 70.  Across a parking lot from the welcome center is the Western Slope Vietnam Memorial Park, which is easily spotted because of its mounted Army helicopter.  More on this memorial may be found at Pauahtun and Roadside America.

While driving though Grand Junction, I came across the Museum Of Western Colorado and paid a short visit.  The museum includes this tower next to its entrance.

Also near the museum's entrance was this replica of an old steam engine.  The artwork on the wall has an American Indian motif.

A mile or so east of exit 49, Interstate 70 goes into these tunnels through Beavertail Mountain.  Eastbound traffic has the option of leaving the main road and going into what is called a "parking area", from which the tunnels may be photographed.  The "parking area" is a single lane and shoulder which, like the Colorado River, goes around the mountain, before merging back into the main road.

In the small town of Collbran is the American Servicewomen's Memorial.  Here's my picture of it.

In the even smaller town of Mesa, along Colorado State Route 65, are these two statues of horses, which I think are made of bronze.

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