Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Tuesday Links

Some more stuff going on out there:

From NBC News, at the crash site of MH17, shot down over Ukraine last year, some of the debris might be fragments of a Russian missile.

From Engadget, NASA is seeking more ideas for its CubeSat nanosatellites.

From the Los Angeles Times, a report on the benefits received by illegal aliens in California.

From The Rakyat Post, police use force against migrants on the Greek island of Kos.

From Haaretz, talks between Saudi Arabia and Russia over Syria fail to reach any agreement.

From Reuters, presidential candidate and former Texas Governor Rick Perry (R) can't pay his campaign staffers.

From ABC News, former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell (R) will appeal his convictions to the U.S. Supreme Court.

From FrontpageMag, violence once again breaks out in Ferguson, Missouri.

From The Times Of Israel, Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is accused of treason for opposing the Obama administration's deal with Iran.

From Live Mint, a disease spread among tadpoles is threatening worldwide frog populations.

From Sky News, ISIS directs lone wolves in the U.K. to carry out terror attacks.  (via Fox News, who report possible plots to attack V-J celebrations)

From The New York Times, in various states, the Democratic Party is removing the names Jefferson and Jackson from their official gatherings.

From Yahoo News, two British cops join go on the beat on the Spanish island of Majorca.

From Epoch Times, two residents of Mississippi have been charged with trying to join ISIS.

From The Street, the U.S. Army and Helius Medical Technologies will launch the third phase of their traumatic brain injury clinical trial.

From the International Business Times, Russia has signed a contract to spend $1.6 billion on fighter jets.

And from SB Nation, players at the PGA Championship will be reminded of the rules even while relieving themselves.

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