Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday Links

A few stories in the news:

From The Washington Post, a Metro train derailed this morning, and the cause is not yet known.

From Local 15, a Silicon Valley company presents robot room service.

From CBC News, a scientist in Brazil learns the hard way about venomous frogs.

From Science Daily, scientists find evidence of oscillating neutrinos.

From ForTheWin, Alabama football coach Nick Saban is not pleased about his unauthorized biography.  (FTW cites two sources for their information.)

From TheStreet, NASA TV will broadcast live the upcoming six-hour spacewalk of two Russian cosmonauts aboard the International Space Station.

From Forward, the move to Israel by Ethiopian Jews might be making them sick.

From GolfNewsNet, Tiger Woods has opened his own restaurant.  Whether the menu includes any items once suggested by Fuzzy Zoeller has not yet been determined.

From MSN, the first production run of Honda's new S660 has already sold out.

From BBC News, North Korea is setting up its own time zone.  (via, appropriately enough, Time)

From The Washington Times, the White House is downplaying the opposition by Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) to the nuclear deal with Iran.

From The Telegraph, suspected Islamic terrorists have killed and kidnapped guests at a hotel in Mali.

From NewsOK, jurors deliberating over whether to sentence Colorado theater shooter James Holmes to death ask to review a crime scene video.  UPDATE:  The jurors could not agree on the sentence.  As a result, Holmes will get life without parole.

From the Los Angeles Times, immigration officials have urged a district judge to reconsider her ruling to release hundreds of detained women and children.

And from Wired, the inanimate objects you should follow on Twitter.

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