Sunday, August 23, 2015

Back To Arches - Part 1

During my trip to western Colorado and eastern Utah, from which I just got back, I went back to Arches National Park, which I had visited two years ago.  This gave me a chance to see some things that I had not seen during my first visit.  This time, I arrived in the morning, rather than during the afternoon, thus being provided with sunlight from a different angle.  This would in turn help determine which of the park's features would be easier to photograph.  One example would be the Three Gossips, which was in shadow as seen from the park's main road two years ago, but this time was in sunlight.

These formations are in an area called the Rock Pinnacles.

This is another of the Rock Pinnacles.

This rock column, one of the Pinnacles, was pretty close to the road.

I headed for the northern end of the main road, to see the area known as Devils Garden.  There are several arches that may be reached from the trailhead via an easy well-maintained trail.  One similarly easy branch trail leads to a place for viewing Tunnel Arch.

Another easy branch trail leads to Pine Tree Arch, which, if you step carefully, you can go right under.

There's more to come in Part 2.  If you wish to review my first visit to Arches N.P., click on "2013" in the Blog Archive and then on "August".

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