Sunday, August 23, 2015

Back To Arches - Part 2

After viewing Tunnel Arch and Pine Tree Arch in the Devils Garden area of Arches National Park, as told in Part 1, I got back on the area's main trail and hiked to the viewing area of Landscape Arch, one of the park's most famous arches.  There's a long sloping area that goes under and behind it, leading up to an alcove.

From the same viewing area, you can see Partition Arch.

Here's another shot of Landscape Arch, from a slightly different angle.

Some trees and rocks near the Landscape Arch viewing area:

From the viewing area, there is a primitive trail leading uphill toward some other arches.  I wandered up the trail until I came to this area, where an arch had fallen in 2008, according to a ranger who was standing on the trail.  The arch had been attached to the near end of the rock formation that takes up most of the next picture.  The young hikers are on the primitive trail, which continues to the right of the formation.

After viewing Tunnel, Pine Tree and Landscape Arches, I hiked back to the Devils Garden trailhead.  On the way, someone pointed out this little guy.  For a second there, I thought I was in a Geico ad.

I just had to get another shot of the lizard and his rock, from the other side.

While driving back to the park's entrance, I stopped to see the Fiery Furnace.  It was now early afternoon, at which time this feature received more direct sunlight than in the morning.

Although I had photographed it two years earlier, I had to again stop and see Balanced Rock and its environs on my way out.

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