Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Borromean Islands, Part 2

As we continued walking around the gardens of Isola Madre, we came upon the birdhouse.  On its roof was a white peacock.

Meanwhile, back on the ground were a blue peacock and a peahen, who didn't seem to pay much attention to her male friends.

We eventually arrived at the entrance to the palace, in front of which is this Kashmir Cypress, which had been damaged in a storm in 2006.

We toured the palace, but photography inside was forbidden.  Back outside, we waited around a pond near a wall of the palace, along with some much younger visitors.

Also near the pond is this grotto formed by two staircases, at the top of which another tourist studies her electronic device.

We left Isola Madre and rode over to Isola dei Pescatori (island of the fishermen) for lunch.  During some free time afterwards, I spotted this guy swimming just offshore.

On the west side of Isola dei Pescatori was a small artificial harbor, on top of which stood this statue of Mary.

We later got back on the boat and set out for one more island, which will be shown in Part 3.

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