Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Borromean Islands, Part 1

The day after we arrived in Stresa, we visited the Borromean Islands, located in the Borromean Gulf of Lago Maggiore, all of which may be reached by boat from Stresa and from each other.  Since the 1500s, these islands have been the property of the Borromeo family, who at one time owned a lot of land in the region of Lombardy.  Today, the family is headed by Principe Gilberto VIII and Principessa Bona.  Over the centuries, members of the family have migrated away from Italy, including to the United States and the Philippines, where one set of descendants runs a website dedicated to their family history.

The first island we visited was Isola Madre (mother island), the largest and farthest from Stresa.  On the way, we could see a mountain being quarried for its granite, looming above the town of Baveno.

Much of Isola Madre is taken up by gardens.  After we arrived, we proceeded along a walkway near the island's southern edge, which passes near numerous trees.

This ascending walkway is covered by many types of wisteria.  It was chained off, but still provided a good photo.

As we proceeded around the island, there were many more trees to see.

This round stone building was at one time an ice house.

The yellow building on the right side of this walkway was the residence of the guardian and his wife, at one time the only two permanent inhabitants of Isola Madre.  To the left was a nice shady spot.

That's all for now.  There will be more of Isola Madre in Part 2.

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