Friday, June 26, 2015

Islamists Attack In Three Countries

Earlier today, terrorists struck in Tunisia, France and Kuwait.

In the seaside resort of Sousse, Tunisia, two gunmen attacked hotel guests on a beach.  Most of the victims are reported to be British or German.  At least 27 people are reported to have been killed.  UPDATE:  The death toll is now reported to be at least 37.

Read this story at the Daily Record, the Express, CNN, the Mirror and the Daily Mail.

A man walked into an American-owned industrial gas factory near Grenoble, France and set off explosions.  Several people were injured and one decapitated.  An ISIS flag was later found at the site.

During or after (depending on the source) Friday prayers at a Shiite mosque in al-Sawaber, Kuwait, a suicide bomber killed up to 24 people, in an attack for which ISIS has claimed responsibility.

Read this story at ABC News, BBC News, Al Jazeera, Reuters and Al Arabiya.

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