Friday, June 19, 2015

Double Standard, Anyone?

For a while, I've noticed a certain double standard regarding collective responsibility, where violent acts by Muslims against non-Muslims must never be blamed on anyone other than the individual perpetrators, and also not on Islam itself, but violence by whites against non-whites can be attributed to alleged racism coming from white people in general.  Today, SooperMexican has shown an example of this double standard coming from Salon, as shown in some of their Tweets.

As Sooper points out, Salon would have "White America" answering for the Charleston church shootings, but did not expect Muslims to "apologize for the Tsarnaevs".  Sooper further notes that one can choose to be Muslim, but cannot chose to be white.  If anything, in my own opinion, this double standard would be a bit less unfair in the opposite direction.

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