Wednesday, June 17, 2015

San Gian's Church And Celerina

Celerina is small town northeast of St. Moritz, just one railroad stop away, and is also known as Schlarigna.  With some free time, I wanted to check out something I had seen from the road when our tour bus passed through the area on the way to Zuoz and Pontresina.  It was an old church, which included a tower that appeared to be in ruins, just outside of Celerina.  I learned that the church was named San Gian, and that the tower had been struck by lightning and the damaged portion not replaced.  Here's the church looking from the west.

As I continued to approach the church, a glider soared overhead.

I took this shot from the east side of the church.

A trail led up to an area behind the church, which would be to the right in the above photo, where I could see the graveyard, in which some work was going on.

After visiting the church grounds, I walked back to Celerina, found a place to eat lunch, and eventually rode a train back to St. Moritz.

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